Hey, I'm Shaun. Welcome to my website. I'm a YouTube vlogger from Edinburgh in Scotland and you can find all of my social media stuff across the outlets by using the hashtag #shaunvlog. I vlog about travel, lifestyle and adventure. I'm a great believer in documenting my journey - the good, bad and ugly.

My official slogan is Adventure Everything. This is more than just a catchphrase though: it's how I aim to live my life every single day. 

As well as Scotland, you'll find me in Brazil quite a lot of the time, and travelling anywhere else. I want to see the world and would love to explore more places. As always, I'd really appreciate your feedback on how you think that journey could take place. 

I'd love it if you'd join me on my adventures. Join me on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. And I also want to extend my personal email address to you, which is shaun@newbravemedia.com. It's my business address, but please feel free to get in touch about anything.

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