Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Scotland's social media influencers

There appears to be a mismatch in Scotland. We have endless supply of talented, creative people, but so few projecting what we are all about on social media, in relative comparison to say, London. If you look at social media influencers across the platforms, there are so few from Scotland, even if you take into account our small population. I find it odd.

That’s not to say we’re a total lost cause on social. Within video blogging, the area I specialise in with my daily vlogs on YouTube and other platforms, you can count on one hand the number of consistent Scottish vloggers. Myself included, there are a few others such as BZ Vlogs (who have done over 800 vlogs on their channel!), BeautyCreep and Wee Scottish Lass. That is pretty much it, but what we lack in numbers we make up for in quality of content.

It’s much the same across the blog world, although there are a couple of notable success stories. Anyway, in recent weeks I have been fortunate enough to meet two great Scottish social media influencers.

The first was planned out. The Wee Scottish Lass, aka MoscoMoon, vlogs on a weekly basis about all things Scotland. She is doing an amazing job of explaining the quirks about Scotland to her international audience and is awesome! We met up to do a Halloween special video, or two videos. One for my channel and one for hers. You can see them both below (spoiler, very scary!).

The next happened by accident. On a train to London recently, on our way to celebrate Teka’s birthday, I noticed on Instagram that Gordon from ScotStreetStyle was holding a meetup, right next to where Teka’s birthday party was in Shoreditch. Gordon is a legend, has carved out a really amazing following on Instagram showcasing Scottish style in all its tartan/tweed glory. I managed to get a quick chat with him at the meet. A great guy, and a true ambassador for Scotland. Interestingly, Gordon says he has seen a sea change in Scotland, the confidence of our people and how we are projecting brand Scotland.

Give them your support and, leave a comment below this post or in my videos if you know about other Scottish people doing the right things online. I’d love to find some more!

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