Sunday, 13 November 2016

Adventure everything

So, through my video blogs on YouTube, Instagram and on here, I decided to start a new slogan that will be (and already is) the overlay to everything I do. 

Adventure Everything. 

This slogan is my way of life. It's everything I am about and what continually strive for. Adventure everything is not just about travel, although of course that's a big part too. It can be about personal life, business life, being an entrepreneur, being a family or, indeed, travel. 

I edited a new trailer for my channel to go along with the slogan for new viewers. Here it is:

To me, adventure everything means saying yes more often. Heck, say yes to everything! I am a big advocate for saying yes. It may lead to some uncomfortable but exciting new opportunities. If you say yes to the things people ask you to do, throw yourself at it.

Immerse yourself in your passions. That's the biggest part and, I always want  to immerse myself in what I care about, which is trying new things, meeting new people and going to new places, while also filming them for you guys on my .

You only have one shot at life, so you may as well make the most of it. I want to get out there, every day, and find new adventures, and I’d love if you would could come along with me. 

So, one question. Have you subscribed yet?


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