Thursday, 24 March 2016

How Not To Pitch Travel Bloggers

It all started so innocently and, in fact, brilliantly by the sender. "Sponsorship Opportunity" – a clever little email subject line tricked dozens of digital nomads and travel bloggers to open it and find out more. We all love to get involved in new projects in this game, so the sender had us. But that's where his genius rapidly faltered. 

"Hey there, my name is..." Innocent enough and plausibly personal, but for the CC line, which was amateurishly full of hundreds of email addresses of bloggers in the travel/digital nomad space. *face palm*

Usually, this would have gone straight in the bin. Lesson number one and the most basic rule of pitching: be personal. If you can’t be bothered to approach bloggers directly and learn a little about them, don't bother. Including every blogger email address under the sun just adds to the silliness.

Interestingly, something cool came out of this woefully ill-informed pitch. The bloggers started talking in the email thread. Chat went back and forth of how much of an wakeful pitch it was. Then, one blogger opened a Facebook group for us to join. So with hundreds of bloggers all in one place, it was deemed the perfect opportunity to start a little group. Who knows what kind of collaborations this could lead to? 

The travel blogging community is amazing and I'm finding more and more amazing bloggers. I'll be sharing some of their stories through time. And don't forget to come and say hey over on my YouTube channel. If you are a blogger with a similar experience, let’s exchange stories.

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