Friday, 12 February 2016

Brazil Carnaval 2016

So we decided to do things differently this year for Brazil's Carnaval. Rather than joining the masses on the streets at bloco parties, or anywhere near a parade, our group of friends rented a huge house by the beach in Nova Almeida, Espirito Santo state. There was 19 of us plus 3 dogs. The beach at Nova Almeida isn't the best to be honest, but was still really good for catching waves. In any case, the house in itself was too spectacular to leave for any length of time.

We had an amazing time and took a lot of photos and video - watch my two vlog episodes from the experience above. I think this could be the way to go for Carnaval's in future. It was exactly how I imagine the Big Brother house to be like, only with people I like. We ate amazing food (a heck of a lot of Brazilian beef on the bbq), listened to a lot of good music (I'll make a playlist below) and laughed a lot. All of Brazil is expensive during Carnaval, but because there was so many of us sharing this house, we had a really low per-head price.

PS. The main photo above was taken on the beach by my good friend Juliana who is pictured in the middle - catch her on Instagram.

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