Sunday, 31 January 2016

Trying The Superdry Snow Range In Iceland

If there's a perfect place to test cold weather clothing, Iceland is surely it. I'm not going to go into too much detail about the travel aspects of this amazing country at the moment, because a whole series of these posts is in the works. If you want to know more about Iceland in the meantime, you can watch my series of vlogs from the trip on my YouTube Channel.

In this post, I want to talk exclusively about the Superdry Snowwear range of clothing. There are three main items I took with me on the trip. First was the Superdry Ultimate Snow Service Jacket (£249.99). Second was the Snow Pants (£149.99). Third was the Superdry Retro Ride Hooded Bomber Jacket (154.99).

The matching Snow Service Jacket and Snow Pants are trail blazers in more way than one. The stunning camo colour, although slightly military in appearance, is lined with stunning neon orange finishings which really stand out.

This is gear that's supposed to take all conditions, whether out on the slopes in a blizzard or, as I was, standing on a glacier. It took -20 degrees wind chill and sideways snow, it took hail and it took the full force of a waterfall. All for long periods of time out in the elements. The air was so cold, the water actually froze solid on the external of the jacket and trousers, but I stayed warm and cosy as I could have ever hoped for on the inside. I was thoroughly impressed with this setup for comfort, warmth, all the pockets and the look. Skiers and snowboarders will be impressed with them too, given how heavy duty they are without being at all restrictive to movement. The pants are also equipped with popper and hook & loop fastening, waist adjuster straps, zipped hems with boot gaiters and thigh vents.

Then there's the Retro Ride Hooded Bomber Jacket. There's no two ways to put it: I love this quilted jacket. It's super stylish while being toastie warm and comfy. This is a jacket that not only performs well out in the weather (I wore it out one night, in the middle of nowhere in -15 looking for northern lights), but also looks great while in town. I literally came off the ice fields and into downtown Reykjavik for a pint wearing this jacket. It might not handle really wet stuff, but who cares? For everything else you will be looking good while staying warm. All in all, I was highly impressed with the items I tried.

The geographers among you will have noticed the final photo is in fact Edinburgh's Craigmillar Castle and not Iceland. I took this the day before we left on our trip as an instagram teaser and really liked the photo, so decided to stick it up too. All other shots were taken on location in Iceland. My wife Marielle also features wearing the Superdry gloves :) Don't forget to check out Superdry's Instagram account where you'll see some of my photos and videos. Thanks also to my dad Roamin Scot, as well as Marielle, for taking some of these photos.

Below is a short film I made for Superdry - the Northern Lights Mission.



  1. May I know how is the snow pants size run? Is it similar to normal Superdry pants or it run any bigger or smaller?
    It is so hard to get this camo pants anything smaller than XL now.

  2. Quick question - I'm considering this over a normal ski jacket like a DXL. Do you know what the waterproof rating is? (10,000mm etc)? As the other one is 20,000.

    It looks great and your review helps but I'm alarmed that there is almost literally NO other review online for this at all apart from their site.

    I can get a £320 DXL for a little over £100 right now... is it really worth springing £200+ for this?


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