Friday, 29 January 2016

Eating Well In Lisbon

What impressed me most about Lisbon was its food. Portugal took some incredible dishes around the world during its colonialist conquests, and it's in Lisbon where you can find many of the world's great dishes at their origins.

As well as that, it's an amazing beautiful city with a lot of history and culture. Watch the vlogs above, or my whole Portugal series. In Lisbon, we of course tried the famous Pastel de Belem bakery. The problem with it, though, is the vast numbers of tourists, meaning you usually have to wait 20/30 minutes just to get in. No fun in the summer, but if you have the time to spare it's worth the visit as the pasteis (traditional egg tarts) are indeed delicious. Top tip, though: we found a much quieter cafe called Nata. Here, the Pasteis de Nata are equally as good and they also make a really great coffee and sandwiches too.

On my trip, the best was saved for last. On our last night, a friend told me to go to the high part of Lisbon and seek out a little restaurant called Cantinho do Bem Estar and wait in line. We dutifully followed these instructions. When finally in, we found a tiny restaurant with space for about 15 people and a waiter who looked freakishly like Christiano Ronaldo. We went straight for the seafood, which I promise you is completely worth the wait (photo 6). If you're going to Lisbon, consider yourself tipped on a couple of very good (and cheap) places to eat!


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