Saturday, 30 January 2016

A Day On Capri

The Isle of Capri is known as a top holiday destination for the rich and famous. Expensive as it may be, while on a family holiday and finding ourselves in Naples for a whole day, we decided to spend the majority of it on Capri, which we reached via a quick ferry ride.

The boat shot off across the sea, getting us there in around 45 minutes. The waters of Capri's harbour were glowing a bright blue/green as the baking sun shone down on it. We decided to take a taxi ride up the mountain, revealing stunning views of the island's main town, and then the ocean as we climbed perilously up a mountain. The views weren't over, however, as we took the single seater chairlift onto the island's highest point. The views were quite remarkable. The boats moored way down at the foot of the cliffs would have otherwise looked like pinpricks, but they themselves were giant (later, each were pointed out to us as belonging to various Hollywood megastars).

After a quick seafood lunch, we jumped on a boat tour which circled the island. We had the small boat to ourselves, other than the captain, who was also a great guide as to some of the amazing sights. My favourite thing, though, was jumping overboard into the deep, warm Capri waters and swimming through a cave. That in itself was an experience that will forever etch Capri into my memory. Beautiful, incredible scenery, expensive but good food and, some of the most spectacularly clear ocean water I've ever swam in.

If you're ever in Naples or the nearby Amalfi coast, take the short ferry ride and spend an afternoon on Capri. You will not regret it.


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